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Is Kamala Harris a Legitimate Vice President?

The Constitution (Article II, Section 1) states that the President must be a natural-born citizen, as well as any potential successors to the office.  While Kamala Harris was born in the United States, neither of her parents were US citizens at the time of her birth.  Why is this important?

The 14th Amendment was written to preclude the notion of "anchor babies".  Quoted from Riders USA " appears clear that the authors of the 14th Amendment intended only to grant citizenship to persons born here who were also "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States." This makes Kamala Harris an "anchor baby" and not a natural-born citizen, or for that matter, a US citizen at all.

The US Constitution already prohibits everyone who is born in the US from becoming a citizen.  The "under the jurisdiction" clause of the 14th Amendment already prevents this.  All we have to do is enforce existing laws.  This clause was added to the Amendment by Senator Jacob Merritt Howard of Michigan who proposed the addition of the phrase specifically because he wanted to make clear that the simple accident of birth in the United States was not sufficient to justify citizenship.  Senator Reverdy Johnson of Maryland, who was the only Democrat to participate in the Senate debate, was even more explicit about the meaning of the jurisdiction requirement: "[A]ll persons born in the United States and not subject to some foreign Power -- for that, no doubt, is the meaning of the committee who have brought the matter before -- shall be considered as citizens of the United States."

As late as 1964, Congress added another requirement for citizenship: The mother who is a US citizen must be 19 years or older to pass citizenship on to their child.  While repealed some time later, please note that Obama's mother was only 18 when she gave birth to Obama, assuming he was actually born in Hawaii, he did not meet the criteria for being a US citizen at the time.

This has already been taken to the Supreme Court : "The Court essentially stated that the status of the parents determines the citizenship of the child.  To qualify children for birthright citizenship, based on the 14th Amendment, parents must owe "direct and immediate allegiance" to the U.S. and be "completely subject" to its jurisdiction.  In other words, they must be United States citizens."  This makes it clear that "anchor babies" and Kamala Harris are NOT US Citizens.

Since at least 1795, federal laws governing naturalization have required aliens to renounce all allegiance to any foreign power and to support the U.S. Constitution. Such allegiance was never assumed simply because the alien was residing in the United States.  This renouncement remains in the U.S. Citizen Oath recited by all new citizens.

Another reason she, and all Vice Presidents are illegitimate since 1804 is because of the 12th Amendment, which states that the VP shall be elected in the same manner as the President.  The people did not vote for Kamala Harris and the Electoral College didn't vote for her either.  Andrew Jackson was the first to run after this amendment was passed.  He said something like "to hell with that, I'm picking my own running mate."  All VPs have been illegitimate since.

Here’s a link to the website where I quoted much of this information: Fourteenth Amendment Debate

Here’s a link defining what was meant by the restriction that Senator Jacob Merritt Howard wrote in the amendment: Original intent of the 14th Amendment.

Conclusion: You are a natural born US Citizen only if you are born in the USA and at least one of your parents is a US Citizen at time of the birth.




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